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Together we make beautiful websites is an internet strategy and webdesign team based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We focus on simplicity, clean interface design, usability and efficiency. We employ a user-centred design approach, which means we stay focused on the specific needs of your audience and employees throughout the entire design process. Being business consultants as well we also keep an eye on your business process, marketing and logistics. We’ve worked for a small but amazing group of clients; large corporations, some non-governmental organizations, small community service groups and a few funky little start-ups. If you are confused and have no one to turn to, consider calling…

Internet Strategy

We help you figure out how to use the new internet tools and services to be more relevant to your customers. There is great importance in having a well-defined internet strategy first. You will be able to plan, communicate and set priorities and expectations.

Website Design

We are are experienced webdesigners. In essence, we make simple, creative, easy-to-use websites that are a pleasure to look at and explore. Unique is that we provide the tools so you will be able to maintain it yourself.

E-business improvement

Using online or cloud applications, improve business processes through your website or putting social media to work. Many tools are available to improve your business. However, getting started with these new tools can be intimidating. We’ll guide you step-by-step.

Powerpoint Design

Do you want to give a great presentation? Your slides are just as important as your text. Let our professionals take a look and help you improve your visuals…


Infojuice is Ron Verzijden and his extensive network. He has been making websites for over 15 years now. It’s not his day-to-day job, though. Four days a week he works as an information manager for a large not-for-profit organization, where he advises the board on information and communication technology (ICT). The rest of the week he spends on Clients can benefit from his extensive knowledge of both his fields of expertise.

Design, architecture and photography have always been his passion. So is information technology in general and tech gadgets, of course. He is always looking for opportunities to make life easier using technology. In the past ten years he has been involved professionaly in the development and design of various websites; both as an IT Manager and a management consultant. From 2006 until 2008 he lived in Toronto, Canada. Advising a number of non-profit organizations with regard to their organizational strategies and the role of their website. For a small local healthcare organization he developed an intranet concept and a pilot site.

In recent years a number of friends starting new businesses called upon him to guide them with their internet strategy and website. It resulted in projects with the objective to set up the base and have them do the rest, help them become knowledgeable and independent. INFOJUICE likes modern, budget friendly, easy-to-use content management systems, such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. For logo and graphical design and search engine optimization or social network interactions he can call upon some close business partners. Interested? Invite me for a coffee!!



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